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BME Market Research


As part of its market research services, the BME collects a wide range of professional key figures and market information that support purchasing decision-makers in their strategic and operational business and help them to stay ahead of the competition.


With its BME Benchmark Top Key Performance Indicators in Purchasing (KPI), the BME defines standards for measuring the performance and quality of procurement and enables anonymous comparison with the competition.


The BME Benchmark Company Car contains strategic key figures on costs, processes, organization and contract management, which were queried from the participating companies. The results thus provide valid comparative values that can be used to classify and improve a company's own performance.

In addition, the BME publishes market information that presents developments and trends in order to better understand market-specific movements and to be able to adequately derive risks and opportunities. We currently offer market information on raw materials and freight.

More: www.bmemarketresearch.com 

BME-Certification for Sustainable Procurement Organization

With the BME sustainability certification, companies have the opportunity to carry out a BME sustainability check. Entry (Level 1) into the certification consists of a self-analysis in the form of a standardized and guided questionnaire and the submission of a voluntary commitment to establish sustainable procurement. Upon successful completion of the self-audit, participants receive an award in the form of a certificate.

The voluntary commitment will support your organization in integrating sustainable procurement into existing procurement structures in a structured manner and with that build a solid base for future adaptations.

More: www.bme-sustainability.com

BME-Certification Innovative Procurement 


With the new BME certification "Innovative Procurement", companies have the opportunity to check the innovation orientation of their procurement and have it evaluated. The entry into the certification consists of a self-audit in the form of a standardized and guided online questionnaire.

In a total of seven different sub-areas, an assessment is made of how innovative the procurement organization already is. Among other things, the certification looks at objectives and strategies, the level of digitization in procurement, and the tools and methods used. Each participant receives an individual evaluation that shows the overall score achieved as well as the performance in the individual sub-areas. Upon successful completion of the self-audit, participants receive an award in the form of a certificate.
More: www.bme-innovation.de

BME-Compliance Initiative


The German Association of Materials Management, Purchasing and Logistics e.V. (BME) has created a cross-industry Code of Conduct to safeguard against compliance risks in the supply chain, which can also be recognized easily, quickly and cost-effectively by suppliers and potential partners.

The BME Code of Conduct offers member companies and their suppliers an international and cross-industry minimum standard that provides a certain basic level of protection for members, companies and their partners at home and abroad.
More at: www.bme-compliance.de

BME International Matchmaking


BME has launched www.bmematchmaking.com platform to support your sourcing activities worldwide. After registering free of charge for a matchmaking service, buyers can express their needs by filling out the RFI questionnaire. Our partners on-site prequalify suppliers and service providers, who publish their profiles on the platform, in commodity groups. Buyers are then able to search the platform for suitable suppliers that meet their individual requirements. Supplying companies also have access to buyer profiles and can invite buyers that match their competences.


Based on your matches, you can decide which events you ultimately want to register for. The final step is to schedule your B2B meetings by BME. You will receive your individual plan prior to the event.

More at: www.bmematchmaking.com


The Association for Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Logistics (BME), founded in 1954, is the professional association for supply chain managers, buyers and logisticians in Germany and Central Europe. We see ourselves as network partners for all industries and sectors: for example industry, trade, public institutions or the financial sector.

The BME looks back on a 60-year-old history in which its member number has grown to 9,750 individual and corporate members (31.12.2018) - from small businesses to large enterprises. In 2010, the purchasing volume of our members summarized to 1.25 trillion euros, representing around the half of the German gross domestic product (GDP).
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