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Global sourcing is a matter of course for many companies. To be able to act competitively, you need reliable suppliers. BME International supports your search for suppliers.

Since 2009, we have been offering our members a need-based search as part of our events. Individual, coordinated and effective. We have brought buyers and suppliers together in over 4,000 matchmakings. With a success rate of over 28%, 1 out of 3 conversations leads to a result. The focus of the B2B matchmaking is on production materials and services - in Europe, Asia and North Africa. If we have not planned a B2B event of your interest yet, check or use the services of the BME Sourcing Help Desk.

With numerous B2B matchmaking events, we create efficient access to global procurement markets in times of complex supply chain challenges.
New in 2022: our "Advanced International Class". The first edition will focus on developments in the electronics sector in Japan, Taiwan and South Korea.
Get an overview of the activities of BME-International in the field of B2B matchmaking, innovative procurement in the public sector and the networking events of the BME-Expert Council “Global Sourcing”.

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